Air Conditioning Repair Swindon

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Swindon provide a complete air conditioning repair and maintenance service. We diagnose faults quickly and can get to the bottom of any air conditioning problem. By communicating with the air conditioning manufacturers about the technical issues your air conditioning units have, We can provide a fast quotation to repair your unit and should parts be required we can obtain the correct item from the manufacturer quickly and easily

Air conditioning unit compressor failures require a compressor to be changed, this involves reclaiming the air conditioning refrigerant via a reclaim unit and the changing the old faulty compressor.The system is then re-gassed once the new compressor is installed and pressure tested for leaks.

If no parts are required and an air conditioning re-gas or recharge is necessary we can perform an air conditioning leak test and repair on the air conditioning equipment and pipe work.

Air conditioning units are prone to having water leaks caused by faulty air conditioning condensate pumps, leaking pipework and fittings, blocked condensate pipes, which may have been caused by poor installation or lack of maintenance.

Our engineers carry spare condensate pumps, condensate pipes and fittings to repair the air conditioning units allowing use to carry out prompt and effective repairs once in attendance.

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